Volcanic Ash “The Mud”
Indian Springs' property is blessed with a natural supply of volcanic ash. This ash, along with our natural mineral water, is one of the two exclusive ingredients in our mudbaths. The ash was deposited thousands of years ago when nearby Mt. Konocti and Mt. Lincoln, the little hill on our site, both erupted. These two events created a rich 10- to -15- foot strata of volcanic ash on our land. We mine the ash on the property and then take the time to carefully hand-sift it before it is used in our Classic Mudbaths. Indian Springs is unique for being the one spa that uses only 100% pure volcanic ash.

The Water
The special quality of our water is what brings so many guests back to Indian Springs. The geologic sequence that created our supply of water took place millions of years ago. Calistoga sits above a fractured plate from which magma oozes upward, coming in contact with subterranean waters at a depth of 4,000 feet. These waters become superheated and are then forced up through ancient seabeds until they reach the earth's surface, escaping at 230 degrees as our four geysers. This rich, highly mineralized water is fed directly into our Olympic -size mineral pool and the Spa, steam rooms and heating system. Very few sites in the country have access to a natural source of thermal water comparable to Indian Springs', and our guests can soak up the benefits of this wonderful water year-round.