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NY Times Travel
February 10, 2008

"STRIKING waves of mustard flower. Rolling fields of budding vines. No traffic. You might need to pack an umbrella and an extra sweater, but winter is a surprisingly beautiful time to visit the Napa Valley of California..." Read More

Yogi Times
December, 2007

"Spa: Indian Springs..." Read More

SF Gate
June 21, 2007

"With a long driveway, palm-tree-dotted lawns and a curtained entrance to the front desk, Calistoga's Indian Springs Resort and Spa emits the glamour of old Hollywood. On the grounds of an original spa founded by Sam Brannan in 1861, it passed through a few owners until Pat and John Merchant purchased it in 1988 and renamed it Indian Springs..." Read More


June 15, 2007

"Nestled in the upper Napa Valley, Indian Springs Resort & Spa is a wonderful place to book an entire day to pamper yourself and unwind..." Read More

SF Chronicle
October 22, 2006

"At Indian Springs", Little said, "the mud is changed every Wednesday morning. I make sure to go then, not only for the fresh mud but because the lady who changes it blesses the first person in the tub. I swear, it keeps me safe throughout the year."

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