Volcanic Ash Mudbaths
Enjoy the ritual of our Classic Volcanic Ash Mudbath. Your attendant will guide you step by step through this classic Indian Springs treatment. You'll immerse yourself in pure volcanic mud heated with hot mineral water from our geysers...pure and natural. Shower off the mud and sink into a deep tub of mineral water especially drawn for you....soak while you sip our refreshing cucumber/citrus water. The scent of eucalyptus and lavender fills the steam room until it is time for us to wrap you in soft flannel and leave you to nap and cool down in a simple, private room. Soft music adds to your comfort.

Mineral Bath
Everything but the mud...immerse yourself in a deep tub of pure and natural mineral water...sip refreshing cucumber/citrus water and really relax...enjoy the eucalyptus and lavender steam room...rest and cool down wrapped in soft flannel. Great prelude to a massage or as a treatment on its own.

Our Classic Mudbath  Step by Step

  • Please relax in our lobby. An attendant will greet you and show you to the locker room.
  • Undress. Wrap yourself in a flannel sheet or robe and wait for your attendant to return.
  • Your attendant will help you into the tub and then cover you from neck to toes with warm volcanic mud.  Bliss. (10 minutes)
  • Rinse off in the shower. Soak in pure Indian Springs' geyser water, rich in minerals and salt. (15 minutes)
  • Delicious cucumber/citrus water is offered throughout to keep you hydrated.
  • A steam room with moist heat is an option.  Please don't push yourself if you are feeling too warm. (5-10 minutes)
  • In a private room, you are wrapped in soft flannel blankets...cucumber slices are placed on your eyelids.  Take time to cool down. (15 minutes)