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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited to swim at Indian Springs?

Our pools are reserved for Hotel and Spa guests only.

Can I bring a guest?

Our pools are extremely popular with resort and Spa guests and we often review our policies to ensure usage is fair and to prevent overcrowding.

Additional passes for guests that do not have a spa treatment booked are not available for purchase. Pool visitors must have a spa treatment or resort accommodations booked on the day of their visit. No exceptions are made for children.

Pool passes are $25 Monday-Friday to all spa day guests who book a 50 minute spa service. On weekends (Saturday/Sunday) and holidays, Spa guests who would like to use the pools must purchase a daily pool pass for $50.

What are the pool hours?

The hours for the pools fluctuate with the season. Typically, the pools are open until midnight for hotel guests. Spa guests are welcome between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Can I get food at the pool?

Our pool store has snacks, cold drinks and ice cream. In addition to these, Sam’s Social Club is now preparing sandwiches, salads, and light lunch options to be served poolside. A variety of alcoholic beverages are sold seasonally at the Adult pool only. Outside food and drinks are not allowed at the pool.

When was the pool built?

The current Main Pool you see today was built in 1913, taking the place of the original 19th-century “plunge.”

What is the temperature of the pool?

Our pools are heated according to the season and range from 92 – 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The Main Pool is typically ten degrees warmer than the Adult Pool.

What is the steam I see rising on the hill above the pool?

That’s steam released from our geysers, as the water escapes from the earth at 230 degrees. We cool it in a series of reservoirs until it’s ready to flow into the pool and Spa.

How does the water get so hot?

Millions of years ago, a geological sequence occurred that caused a fracture in the earth’s crust, allowing hot magma to ooze upward. Four thousand feet below the earth’s surface, subterranean waters came in contact with the magma. This superheated water was forced up through ancient sea beds until they reached the earth’s surface. Our property is fortunate to be a release point and we have four geysers as a result.