two story resort buildings overlooking a body of water and palm trees

More Than Rooms. Experiences.

Indian Springs Calistoga is comprised of a thoughtful collection of historic cottages, bungalows, and Mission Revival–style buildings spread out across our 17 acres, each providing a unique view and a different feel. The end result remains the same go—luxury and warmth without all the fuss—outdoor spaces that bring you closer to the environment and indoor spaces with whimsical details and
spa-like features.

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  • Shared In-Room Amenities

The View Rooms

480–520 Sq. Ft.

Contemporary Double Queen and King rooms in a variety of natural settings.

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The Cottages

550 Sq. Ft.

Our original resort accommodations are historically charming and comfortably modern.

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The Lodge

225 Sq. Ft.

Modern, adult-only rooms featuring a King-size bed and spa-style bathrooms.

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The Bungalows

1,200 sq. ft.

These highly requested bungalows offer generous indoor and outdoor living spaces in Wine Country. Your home away from home!

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