The Waters

tranquil pond area surrounded by palm trees and lush green grass

Taking the Waters

Very few sites in the country have access to such a bountiful source of thermal mineral water, and guests of Indian Springs Calistoga can soak up its benefits year-round.

pineapple illustration

Indian Springs Calistoga is fortunate to have four thermal geysers on our property that supply us with a constant stream of mineral water for various uses. The water escapes the earth through pipes and flows into our geyser pond, or holding tanks, and is then cooled slightly before it is sent to the Mineral Pool and Buddha Pond.

The Source

Our thermal water supply was created millions of years ago. Calistoga sits above a fractured plate that causes magma to ooze upward and come in contact with subterranean waters at a depth of 4,000 feet. These waters become superheated and are forced through ancient sea beds until they reach the earth’s surface, escaping at 230 degrees Fahrenheit in the form of geysers. We’re lucky enough to have four.