overhead view of the pool area, surrounding resort buildings, and a view of the mountains in the distance

Welcome to
Indian Springs Calistoga

At the north end of Napa Valley, you’ll find California’s premier historic resort and spa. Indian Springs Calistoga’s palm tree-lined drive unfolds into 17 stunning acres of rolling hills and ponds, lush olive trees and fragrant gardens, bursting with lavender and roses. Blessed with rare, sustainable natural resources, including mineral water from four thermal geysers and special mud made from pure volcanic ash, guests have long recognized the restorative powers of our abundant land.

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Our History

Indian Springs Calistoga’s history began millions of years ago with the eruption of Mt. Konocti, 20 miles away. This event deposited volcanic ash on the land and created a fissure in the earth, allowing groundwater to reach hot magma at a depth of 4,000 feet before resurfacing as thermal geysers at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Sam Brannan, one of California’s earliest entrepreneurs, purchased the entire upper Napa Valley in the 1860s, with a vision of creating a world-class resort. He built the original spa, mud baths, pool and racetrack in 1861. In 1880, Leland Stanford bought the resort with the intention of locating Stanford University here. Instead, he established Stanford in Palo Alto and the spa tradition continued as Sam Brannan had envisioned. In 1905, the Pacheteau family operated the property and renamed it Pacheteau Baths. It became a popular wellness destination for generations of Bay Area families.

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Where it Began

Our family first discovered Indian Springs Calistoga more than 30 years ago when we moved to the Napa Valley at the height of summer and went searching for a pool. We found not only a pool, we found a project. We fell in love with the history and character of this beautiful old resort and set out to renovate and revive her.

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Resort Map

While parts of Indian Springs Calistoga may have needed work, there was much more we recognized should be preserved and enhanced. The natural setting of hills and flora. The history and quality of its structures. The amazing natural resources found on-site, including four thermal geysers and volcanic ash and the legacy that is California’s oldest continuously operating pool and spa facility.

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