a man and woman sitting on a rounded couch on a grassy patio wearing robes

Relax and Rejuvenate

Therapeutic massage is the perfect antidote to stress and muscle tightness. The Indian Springs Calistoga Spa uses Swedish as a foundation but can draw on a variety of bodywork techniques to create an individualized treatment for each guest.

All our massage therapists are professionally certified and selectively chosen for their skill. We always strive to be sensitive to personal needs. To receive the most benefit from your session, please convey any specific expectations to your therapist.

Signature Massage

Our signature medium-pressure Swedish massage is designed to relax and rejuvenate. Using natural oils, this massage is tailored to your needs and will leave you in a state of deep relaxation and balance. Our massage therapists are professionally trained and skilled in several modalities. The foundation of our massage is Swedish, but each therapist uses other techniques based on your body’s needs to create a restorative massage just for you.

50 minutes, $170 | 100 minutes, $340
Couples: 50 minutes, $170 per person | 100 minutes, $340 per person

Deep Tissue

This massage goes deep with strong movements to alleviate tension and muscular stress. Our therapists concentrate on specific areas of concern and incorporate healing arnica balm.

50 minutes, $195 | 100 minutes, $390
Couples: 50 minutes, $195 per person | 100 minutes, $390 per person
Add CBD, $25 per person


Our signature massage elevated with a harmonious blend of botanicals and 400 mg broad spectrum CBD. Indulge in the scent of lavender while you relax knowing our CBD is paraben and THC free.

50 minutes, $195 | 100 minutes, $390
Couples: 50 minutes, $195 per person | 100 minutes, $390 per person


Recharge your body with this firm massage designed to alleviate tension and muscular stress. In addition to elevate your senses, we have added a harmonious blend of active botanicals with 400 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Our CBD is paraben and THC free to create the ultimate massage.

50 minutes, $220 | 100 minutes, $440
Couples: 50 minutes, $220 per person | 100 minutes, $440 per person

Motherhood Bliss

This therapeutic massage soothes the mother-to-be by focusing on the many stressors that the body encounters during pregnancy. Our organic maternity body products are designed to offer relief, comfort and relaxation during all stages of pregnancy. Therapists use specifically designed pillows and bolsters to ensure your comfort.

50 minutes, $175


This balancing treatment is perfect for those who wish to focus ‘solely’ on their hands and feet. We use aromatic oils and calming creams to release tension and help blood and oxygen flow.

50 minutes, $170


The autumnal weather in Napa Valley brings with it a flush of color and a bountiful harvest which attracts people from all over the world. Support your immune system as the seasons shift with this pampering treatment which uses local Napa Valley mustard seed, Pacific sea salt, and rosemary grown right here in the mineral rich soil of our own unique property. This warming and detoxifying blend of herbs are steamed in a compress ball, using water from our geyser, and applied to your skin using a rocking compression, combined with a hands-on soft-tissue therapy; enveloping you in warmth and the natural healing properties of these beneficial herbs and waters. This compress body treatment is excellent for fighting illness in the body, for soothing aching muscles after long hikes, and for detoxifying the system after a long day of wine tasting.

50 minutes, $195