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The heart and soul of Indian Springs are our two swimming pools. They offer far more than the typical resort swim. The swimming — or soaking — experience here has drawn guests since the 19th century who have sought the restorative powers of thermal water from our geysers.

The more famous of our pools is the Main Pool, an Olympic-sized mineral pool and one of the biggest pools in California. Newer is the Adult Pool, which is smaller, quieter and more intimate. Both pools are kept unusually warm, from 82–102 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the season.

Immersing yourself — or “taking the waters” as we say — adds a healing element to the swimming experience. Another unique aspect is our pools’ availability. We keep them open late, until midnight, allowing you to soak and float under the Napa Valley stars.


The Waters

Very few sites have access to a natural source of thermal mineral water like Indian Springs. Our on-site geysers feed the Main Pool, giving it special qualities that bring guests back year after year. > Explore


Main Pool

Don’t forget your swimsuit. A visit isn’t complete without a soak in the historic, Olympic-sized mineral pool. Built in 1913, the pool replaced the original 19th-century “plunge” and now welcomes guests of all ages to experience the health and spiritual benefits of the rich, highly mineralized water from our geysers. > Explore


Adult Pool

Due to the Main Pool’s popularity, we built a new adults-only pool next door. Smaller, more intimate and, yes, a little quieter, the Adult Pool allows grownups to relax in a sophisticated setting. Its lush landscaping adds privacy, while night lighting inspires evening swims. > Explore


Pool FAQ

Our pools offer far more than the typical hotel swim. They’re experiences in themselves. The nature, source and intensity of the water, and our guidelines for accessing it, can sometimes lead to questions among guests. > Explore