Mud & Mineral Baths

a woman laying in a mud bath

Immerse Yourself in Purity

Indian Springs Calistoga mud and mineral baths are known for their special qualities. The vein of volcanic ash found on our property is the source of the 100 percent pure ash we use in our mud baths, a rarity among spas. We mine the ash on-site, hand-sift it, and mix in mineral water from our thermal geysers, creating the mud.

Choose from a classic mud bath or a simpler mineral water-only soak. Both are time-honored Indian Springs Calistoga traditions and are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Our iconic treatment uses pure volcanic ash and mineral water from our own geysers. An excellent prelude to a massage, it is both detoxifying and relaxing.

60 minutes, $170

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Soak in our pure mineral water from the geysers and enjoy all the elements of the mud bath, except the mud! Immerse yourself in a deep tub of pure Indian Springs’ mineral water. Sip refreshing cucumber citrus water and relax deeply. Enjoy time in the dry heat of our infrared sauna. Complete the experience wrapped in a soft flannel blanket, taking time to cool down and really relax.

45 minutes, $105


This is a divine bathing experience designed to pamper and ease tired, sore muscles, as well as relax and hydrate the body. Cleopatra soaked in goat milk and understood that the luxurious properties would both soothe dry, itchy skin and leave it silky smooth. Follow with time in infrared sauna and then relax wrapped in flannel blanket for cool down. Take time to rest.

45 minutes, $115


Enjoy the detoxifying and rejuvenating properties of our mineral soak infused with our estate harvested rosemary. After time in the dry heat of our infrared sauna, you will be wrapped in a flannel blanket to nap and cool down.

45 minutes, $115


We infuse our Indian Springs’ mineral water with CBD. Our CBD is a combination of nutrient rich oils and therapeutic plant extracts that will elevate your mind and body to pure bliss. Enjoy time in our infrared sauna and then we will wrap you in a flannel blanket to nap and relax.

45 minutes, $125

Add to any mineral bath soak, Pure volcanic ash facial mask, $10

Enhance your treatment, adding a BABOR face mask while you're wrapped in a flannel blanket for the perfect experience, $30